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February 25, 2014


Hi Jen, I am not a blog reader but came across your work when I was looking for Roman shade tips. I loved it and have put it in my Favorites.

Thanks for all you do.

J. Hayes,

I keep up with blogs either through Lori Holt's list on the side of her blog or through BlogLovin'......nice to see yours pop up!!

Hello Jen, I am a newcomer to your blog and , yes, it was your how-to blind making post in 20 pictures that caught my eye. Well done! I am about to go and stay with my eldest daughter who is expecting the families first grand-chile. No pressure there then. She has asked me to make a blind for the nursery so I was looking for sometips. My first effort is pretty wide and I sewed pockets across the whole width and threaded dowel into the pockets to ensure a neat fold.Its works a treat on wide blinds.

I read blogs through feedly. I was resistant after google reader went capoot, but it's okay.

I use Feedly now instead of Google Reader. It took some getting used to, but I love it now!

Hi Jen, I read your blog! Looking forward to seeing you and your mom in September!

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