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June 21, 2012


Hi Jen,Just saw your pinafores online. I live in Australia and was wondering how I can order one of your fabulous creations. I can see my litte girl in them :)

How fun. Great pictures of your grandkids. Caleb has certainly grown up before our eyes. And, you have a little rodeo star too. How brave is she?! Great portrait of the 4 of them together. You are blessed!

Oh Jen the grandkids are getting so big. Good for you. I guess. When they outsize you then it must really hit. My 17 year old son had a growth spurt this summer. I can't believe he is almost taller than my husband. Amazing. I love the pics of the kids. Love. They are very cute and have personality to match.

That Caleb is a looker. And he seems so sweet. Love seein the photos. I 've been around since Caleb was 3, hard to believe how the time goes by right? ♥ you!

Oh no, I forgot that summer soltice is the longest day of the year. Shorter days from her on :-
I am so excited about my kitchen reno, but my frugal husband is fighting me on the countertop selection. Oh boy. Guess I will have to pull out the big guns. Or the big BJ's. Oops, hope that's not too xrated.

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