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March 21, 2012


After seeing your directions for Roman Shades,I'm going to make them for dining room windows that are 61 3/4 inches long. What would your suggestion be as to: How far up from bottom should I start rings?
How far apart should I start with rings to do the decreasing spaces? and how many sets of rings should I put on this long of a shade? Thank you for your help.


How hideous. I hope the girl's accomplices are caught and they're all prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (note that that won't help with your feelings of violation and rightful indignation, but sometimes justice done does soften the blow). I also hope you've locked down your identities, b/c the theft of credit cards plus enough personally identifying material means they can impersonate you pretty much letter-perfect, the bastards. Oh, pardon my language; I was thinking something muuuuch much much worse. {{{{{Jen&John}}}}}

Wow. As you said, we all have stories that are like this one on some level. Yours is so unfortunate, but try not to blame anyone but the criminals. My husband left his car running to rent a movie 6 feet away, and someone jumped into the car and stole it while he was trying to hang off of the car. We were just thankful we didn't have a baby in the back seat, because the guy certainly didn't care. Just because it's not locked does not mean anyone can just TAKE it. Your house could have been wide open, but that does not mean it's ok for someone to rob you blind. I hope that many other "lost" items will make their way back to you.

I am so sorry Jen. What a homecoming and although you are glad everyone is safe and a few things returned, its the sense of lost peace thats the worst outcome.

Oh my gosh Jen. I can't believe it. Let it be an example to us all. Dave hates when I blog I am going somewhere. So I will be more careful about that. All your things...oh my. And the things that aren't even worth anything to them, that they took. And are now lost. It is sad. Really sad. I'm so sorry. I hope things return one by one at least. What a complete mess. I feel for you. And it makes me more careful. Thanks for sharing the story.

So sorry you had to experience this. Hopefully you've installed a security system...they do help. But, the lazy creeps of the world are still out there to haunt us and will continue to do whatever they can, to get whatever they want. You've handled it well.

Oh I am so so sorry. Our neighborhood has been plagued with burglaries as well. GROSS. I hope more things of your begin to surface. xo

I'm so sorry. How awful. Too bad we have to live among creeps. I'm so glad you got your grandma's ring back. Now let's hope some of your other stuff makes an appearance.

I am just glad that you and the family were not in the house. And at least you got a little something back. Take care and try to feel safe.

I know you already know how very sorry and sick to my stomach I am over your loss/violation, but just had to say it again. Glad you got "something" back (the ring and the car) but am hoping that you'll find more. How dare they? How dare they take YOUR things which did not belong to them. How dare they go into your house when you were not there. How dare they take away the joy of a well-deserved vacation and wonderful memories. Hugs to you and all. I'm thinking of you.

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