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October 26, 2011


I take it back--I believe the sides ARE inside mount...just got lucky with the measurement I guess. But they're actually halfway out due to the minimal space. Probably also the reason why I didn't put sheers there, but who knows...that was 5 months ago! ;-)

Hi June- These roman shades were bought at Bed Bath and Beyond about 5 years ago (there was a brief window of time that they were selling them in a few widths). The glass on these windows is barely recessed half an inch inside the frame so one has no choice but to mount everything on the outside of the frame. The side windows may look like an inside mount, but they aren't. Plus this house 'sweats' like the dickens and fabric right up ON the glass would be a wet nightmare a good bit of the year. I just make the best do of what I can think of for what I'm working with at the time. :-)

Clever ideas on sheers as well as the Roman shades but I see here in the final picture that you hung the sheer lined window with the Roman shade outside the window instead on inside like the side window view. Is there a reason you did this? I would definetly make them both uniform, meaning inside looks so much more professional than outside the window. Also, you could still hang those sheers just place a eyelet screw to the inside of the window set back from the placement of the Roman shade and pull the cord taunt like you did here. Just my slant on your idea. Will have to make these shades, I just love your how to technique!

Well, that was really a clever solution and far more affordable. Good job! That's teacher talk for 'well done!'

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