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September 27, 2011


Love the planet box, where does one find such a cool item??

Hi Jen! Somehow I missed the fact you came back! Of course I can't complain since I haven't gotten myself a blog at all yet. I love the heirloom tomatoes but haven't found to many at the local farmers market, wonder why? So I do treat myself occasionally and grab some at Bristol farms, they aren't quite as good but sure beat the hothouse kind!

I am trying to spend my whole fall making as much tomato soup as I possibly can. I love, love it. I will never eat Campbell's again. icky. ew.
What great buys you got on your tomatos!

Welcome back! :)

What a great looking lunch. I pack a lunch for my hub everyday. I try to reuse bags that bread or other products come in and we've gotten to reusable countainers for soup and left overs and I like waxed paper like my own sandwiches were in when I was a kid. Fresh tomatoes are like candy!

What a fun way to see a concert! ~Kelly

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