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August 22, 2011


Glad you're back!


I've missed you! Love this post. xo

It is funny how in our 50s now we reach back in time for comfort and familiarity. I find connecting with the world harder and I yearn for things to be simple. Maybe it is a control issue? Look at you...planning the entire wedding and sewing dresses for it. Thats control baby. And at 17 we could do those tings. My 2 best friends and I planned entire parties for our large church group with no adult help or supervision. And it was awesome. No wedding would be done like yours anymore... a wedding planner and trip to salons would take care of all that. We live too complexly. Maybe this is just how everyone feels when they are 53 or 54 (me). Your pictures are sweet and true. Friendship doesn't die. It made fade but it doesn't die. I could say more. I love when you post. It is like talking to an old friend. I could have easily slipped into your photos with my Farah Fawcett curled hair and my hippie long dresses from the 70s.

Welcome back! I've missed your blog posts!

I was so happy to see your blog bolded - new info. I really missed having your blog in my world. I tried to pick out who was who and the only one I was sure of was Trudy. I thought the one holding the blue phone was Heather but after 35 years we do change a little. Welcome back.

Glad to have you back!!!!! I connected via FB too with my elementary peeps...all 9 of us began kindergarten together and joined Blue Birds in 1st grade. We were tight until the end of 7th grade when all of us moved from LA within 3 months. So great to get together once in a while. We go right back to 1965!!!!

Great pictures Jen! Looks like you all were having a great time :) I personally would LOVE to see the wedding photos!

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