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At the tone...

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May 02, 2011


Looks like a lot of fun!

Yes, you bought all of them. lol. I like the middle the best!

What fun pics. So much great stuff. It is nice to step back through pics and see we really do have a great life, even with cutbacks and economy stuff. I know life isn't all like the pictures but I think blogging helps me see the good in my life.

man I was with you, even nodding my head happily through the Monterrey pics---- right up until the wheat grass. You are a brave, bold, wonderful woman! :)

we've been thinking of getting a kayak. Haven't decided to get two singles or a double. Think it would be great fun to do together. Miss seeing you, but it's good to keep up on blogs.

One could really have some awesome arms doing that for long. Looks like great fun and the country, of course, is beautiful.

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