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March 22, 2011


Cute pictures. I have red le creucet and I'm a complete believer. Your set is darling. I tell my family, just get me more for any holiday. I have a baking set too. LOVE THEM.

What cuties! Hold that little baby for me. They grow up too fast, and get a little annoying as my almost 5 year old is grabbing my hands right now.
Love the new pots & pans -- can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen!

You might want to try the Le Creuset store at the Allen Outlet Mall in Allen, Tx (just north of Plano). They sell seconds and on the majority you cannot even figure out why they are considered to be a second. They ship too! My friend in New Mexico calls and they choose the best piece and send it her way! The prices are fantastic!! Hmmm...I may have just conviced myself to go by this weekend...:) I just thought I would pass along the tip. Have a great day!


There's nothing quite like having a cousin who really 'gets it' - Caleb and Jaxson will be best buds forever :) I'm a Le Creuset nut - i have red ones, but I LOVE the pale springy green ones, might have to mix it up a little ...

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