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March 15, 2011


Hi Jen, My name is Christina. I have visited your blog for a few years now but, I have remained in the shadows. I adore your creations and thank you for sharing snippets of your personal life with us. I adore Caleb! I have had two boys since I started reading your blog and (I really really wanted girls) and knowing how sweet and adorable your little grandson Caleb is helped me ease into the whole "Mommy of boys" thing.
Anyways, I am writing to you to inquire about hcg. I read this post almost a year ago and have pondered hcg ever since. I am a exhausted butter ball who is finally ready to feel like my old self! Would you mind writing to me to share a little bit more of your take on it?
If you don't have time to respond I completely understand but, if you do, I am very grateful for your time!

So do you have to go to an HCG doctor/provider/specialist to get it?

Proof is in the photo. You look great. Congrats!

You DO look fabulous, it's true!!! I'm also an hcg'er. I'll tell you true the weight comes back on if you're a bozo like I was this winter. I inject----- and did two rounds last year. It was fabulous. Then I put a bit back on, not so fabulous. I'm currently almost half way through a 40 day protocol. much trouble you think you'll get into oh skinny one? :)

Okay, Jen, I'd love to hear about it. You look fabulous!

I'd love to know more about it. Where did you buy it?

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