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January 06, 2011


I had no idea John had a heart attack!!!! Oh my goodness! Long overdue good wishes and hugs!

I get where you are... I had a life changing moment after the Loma Prieta earthquake. Funny how feeling close to loss of life - give us life! Like a little video game recharge. On days that I slip, and fall into icksville... I try to think of Loma Prieta and get a recharge. I'm need some juicing up these days... thanks for helping me to remember! xxoo

Interesting decisions Jen, and happy 2011! A friend who I grew up with and recently found on facebook just got divorced in her mid 50's, went back to school and became a nurse. She is really happy...personally I can't imagine doing that. You know, if you ever decided to make a living selling your quilts, I think you could do are a wonderful artist with fabric, needle and thread...just sayin.
♥, Susan

As always Jen, right on the money! Finding Joy important part of living! I have been pouring over the extension class lists too. Didn't quite get there this semester but I'm along the lines of watercolor classes and computers. I really want to get better with things like photo file management and I'm thinking a class would be the quickest way.

You're so wise Jen----- I admire that! I agree, let's Make Joy!

I tried to go back to college a few years back. Every class I signed up for was canceled! EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! and not just one semester...TWICE! I got the message and followed my heart. Thus a Quilt Shop was born. Now I work every day with my darling daughter, I get to see my grand child every day...I get to be with creative people every day. I'm so glad I got the message! You go girl!

I'm a FSU grad as well! 1976. Crazy coincidence. Anyway, I know exactly what you mean. I would like to enjoy the lecture and do none of the homework. I was talking to a friend who'd taken a photoshop class at the local jr. college. 80 hours on the final. Uh, I'm not interested in much of anything for 80 hours.

Sounds great, Jen! You have it all figured out and only 6 days into the year. Here's to "making our own happy"!

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