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December 09, 2010


Merry Christmas to you and your family! He is absolutely beautiful! Big hugs and kisses!

Congratulations!!! What a fabulous holiday gift!!

He is adorable...but then consider the source. Look at all that hair! Congrats to all, including this proud aunt!

what a suh-weet baby boy! Darling! A wonderful gift for Christmas, smelling and snuggling sweet babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kate you are woman hear you roar, and gorgeous just like your mama!

OHMYGOSH she looks lovely and that baby so cute. She gets her beauty from you JenDuncan. Inside and out.

He's so precious!!! Congrats! What a wonderful Christmas gift.. = )

A big hug for Caleb! Wonder Woman, yes....such a blessing especially at this time of year. Congrats Grandma!

He is a cutie. Mom looks like she is doing great. Bless Caleb's heart. It's just hard for kids to understand those hospital rules. Not sure I always understand them. :)

Congratulations to all. Beautiful. I love the name Jaxson. And, kudos to Caleb for doing so well with his homework.

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