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October 18, 2010


Gosh I am impressed, I love the cording. i was thinking I would never tackle this and then I remembered when we first moved to Ca many years ago straight out of school with no then husband built a big backless garden bench type platform and I covered a long foam cushion and 2 wedge back pieces to make a couch. We were so cool, the cushion ended before the end of the bench so we had a built I coffee table. (And a guest bed for our firends who still did road trips then) I haven't thought about that project in years, I didn't even have a sewing machine we rented one for 2 weeks...geez, what we tackle without a thought when we're young!

Get on this video will you! :) I have a sofa/loveseat that needs to be recovered. It isn't old it is just ugly. What was I thinking. Anyway, please inspire me. Really.

I peak at your blog every now and then (found you when I was looking for more inspiration on fabric banners) and I love that you know how to recover furniture! I just bought a couch off of Craigs List yesterday and would LOVE to recover it. Please post a tutorial. And yes, video sounds lovely ;).

That looks wonderful - cording and all. Aren't you good? Can hardly wait to see it and question???? just how do you expect to keep Sophie off of it?

Great job!! Miss Sophie fits right in with the color scheme!!

Great job on the covers Jen...Sophie looks so sweet on the love seat...what could she have been up to?

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