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September 06, 2010


I returned to your etsy site to re-look at the beautiful little skirts you had on there oh say a month ago or longer and to my disappointment they were gone:( But I did order a perpetual calendar :) Your sewing and decorating are just to my taste.
I so enjoy when I accidentally (now bookmarked) run across your blog. Seems I must have run into you at least once since we are both from Humboldt county but no :) Thank you for inspiration Kathie

That's how it kinda goes for me if I say I'm going to do a big "shop update". One at time is the way to go for me.
I wish I had some little girls around. I would def. buy some of these!
Don't you think it's time my boys got crackin' on some grandgirls? :)

These are so cute! Sometimes I don't think people realize the time, energy & materials that go into making things. I do and I admire your work very much!

So stinken cute.
But I get you on the give it away thing. The pleasure is in the making right?

Anyway the posters are wonderful. Love the little bits of writing. You're so creative. I love your work.

Oh gosh. Been there, done that. I can't even tell you how many times. YOur skirts are wonderful. Marvelous really. It is fun working on this kind of thing, but it seems to be for such a small demographic. I think Etsy works for me from now on. Great job Jen. I think so!

I can totally understand your frustration with all you did to make this wonderful display and the gorgeous skirts. Love the bunting too. I think Etsy is a great idea and I bet they will sell really well!! Your skirts are just too adorable!!!

Absolutely darling!!

They are beautiful skirts. I will pass along your etsy site to some friends of mine that have girls. I doubt my little guy would like one very much.

I really enjoyed getting to know you and your work. I am so happy you decided to do the show!! Thank you thank you!!


What a bummer! A girlfriend and I did something similar last year at Christmas time. We made a bunch of skirts and other hand made items. Thought we were going to sell out....we only sold skirts to friends. Lots of moms loved them but I guess they just would rather buy their kids clothes at Target.


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