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September 28, 2010


oh my gosh so much to comment on, gotta make those recipes as I'm determined and doing something about health, always love to see what you are eating. Love the casserole dish. Love it! And the new cupboard is delightful, everything looks beautiful. I'm an over buyer too. I hope you like binding with that scallop. I've done 3 quilts with it and it worked out.

I SO admire your git 'er done style Jen - you don't just think about stuff, you DO it, most admirable.

Another thing I admire about you? Your ability to crack me up -
"nice and grabby but sagged like an elephant's pantyhose" - classic Jen Duncan right there :)

As usual even when cooking or cleaning up or oganizing you inspire.

I wish we had and Ikea near here. Lucky you.

here I am with the grands in MN and they saw the pic of your enchiladas....guess what they requested for dinner? YUP! we're having chicken & cottage cheese enchiladas tonight.

Wow, that unit works great in the closet. I just put a 9 x9 closet made set from target in my sewing room and got all those bags and boxes (love FQS!) up from the floor. The closet I can barely open mostly from the couple of garbage bags of pieces of batting and at least 2 quilts that need bindings. Thanks for showing it off!

Love your NEW studio look. IKEA sounds wonderful but living in the middle of farmland, the closest one to us is in the Bay Area. Maybe one day. Also love your new baking dish.

Oh...I love the ikea unit and how great and organized that closet is! WISH there were an Ikea close by! Home Goods we do have...going to have to look for a casserole dish like that...and try using ff cottage cheese too!

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