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August 18, 2010


Love it! I'd have so much fun with that stash of yours :)

Now that is a happy makeover. Love your collection in the blue drawers!

I love this and where on earth did you get all of that plastic stash? Love it!

OMG, luv this!

ooooh! that is a "makes you smile" mirror!

I can wait to see your "product." if you think you can just stick to this one thing it MUST be good:)

Oh how absolutely cool is that! JenDuncan you're always a genius to me.

What a terrific creation!!! I love how you modified this frame into such a beautiful piece!!

love the magical transformation.

that is most groove Jen! Love it! That baby will have many different lives I think as you enjoy it in a lot of ways. Kudos for (another) job very well done!

I love it, it is so happy!

I can't imagine you would part with this. It's wonderful.

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