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July 24, 2010


So after your post I went on itunes and I'm listening to the live Carole King and James Taylor recording. Love it. thanks.

Okay, I'm totally immature here but when you were in the chocolate shop and said, "Oh my god, I'll take one of each!" That lady's big boobs were eye level! I laughed out loud!

It looks like you had a great time in Vegas. It's not the same ole Vegas for sure. I so enjoy the Bellagio with it's beautiful Dale Chihuly glass ceiling in the lobby.
I've seen a number of Cirque du Soleil's productions but not any of the newer ones in Vegas. They're unlike anything that you could imagine. I've tried a couple of the traveling productions but I've decided that the only way to see them is in permanent locations.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful videos.

We have family in Vegas so we get there from time to time. I'd LOVE to see James and Carole. And I've always wanted to see the Love show.

OMG!!! You MUST see O!! It was amazing. That is one of my requirements for going back to Vegas, since I am not a gambler. Gotta see O again (and stay at the Bellagio). Sounds like I need to add Love to that list too!!

The first time I went to Cirque du Soleil was 'Allegria' and I was totally transformed - in a huge rush all my childhood dreams of running away with the circus returned, and I very nearly ran my adult self off to join the Cirque :)

We saw Love. It was amazing, amazing, amazing. I've always loved the Bellagio. So pretty.

When the Beatles are talking to one another in the recording studio during the show it just gave me chills for some reason.

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