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July 18, 2010


That tour came through Pittsburgh a bit ago and my hubs wouldn't go because Carol King was with him! He's a Baby James purist, but I wanted to go!

That pic of your hubs with the lighter was so cute :)

What a cute story. Awesome. It is wonderful to see pure enjoyment.

OMFG I'm SO jealous right now, I would love to have seen that show!! I tried to get tickets for the LA show but it sold out in about 10 seconds flat. As for John, go Bic Man, go - show 'em how it's done!! Love that the lady photographed the moment and emailed it to you, how splendid is that? That's the kinda peeps you meet at a James Taylor / Carole King show, good peeps :) I saw JT a few years back and just LOVED every moment.

Sounds like a wonderful concert. A friend of mine saw Carol King a couple of years ago and said it was amazing. I think the last "show" I went to was Bonnie Raitt. Fantastic!!!

Finally catching up after vacation...I am so happy to see that you went to this concert. I saw Carol King and James Taylor at Madison Square Garden around 1971 or so. It was a great concert then, and I know that they still deliver. I have been reluctant to see the "rockers" in concert as some "sex symbols" should stay that way in my minds eye, but these guys have aged gracefully and their music is still valid and wonderful. Now I am off to find my Tapestry CD.
♥, Susan

so, so glad you had a wonderful time. I'm so jealous but living vicariously through you (and John!!!). We're keeping the air conditioning on here at home for you when you return.

wow, wow, and more wow. I saw James Taylor in concert and i know JUST how John feels. That was too funny with the bic and the lady that took the picture!!

What a great concert!!!! Oh, i need to go to one again, soon!!

I really wanted to go and see them when they were here in pittsburgh, but, you know, we're still poor. :)
much to our surprise we happened upon them on pbs that night and got to enjoy them anyway. i'm sure your experience was way better...but still.


God love John. I'm still laughing out loud. Talk about going back a few years. Do they even allow the audience to click their Bic anymore? It's wonderful to be that involved with something outside oneself.'re just an hour away from me...something is really wrong with these's even worse when it's still 100 at 11:00 at night! Have fun in Vegas!

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