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June 03, 2010


Jen, I LOVE my banner! Official thank you note is on the way, but I want you to know it's hanging in our kitchen at the studio PERMANENTLY because that's where we celebrate birthdays every month. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I got so excited about the banner forgot to say.......those dresses are adorable!! And your right, a little kerchef on her head....tooooo cute.

OMG who wouldnt love getting that banner to hang on their birthday? Ya think I can meet Mary downtown and she can let me use it Wed for my birthday?? lol I'll tell her I would return it. That is so very cute Jen.
Love that chair you did too. You have the best ideas!

Amazing you!!! The dress is just too cute, and the banner is wonderful. You give the best gifts...I still have the heart you made me hanging over my desk.
♥, Susan

Such a sweet little dress and that banner is GORGEOUS!! As for the chair, I have such a thing for chairs like this, I'm glad you rescued the splattered battered chair and redeemed it!

You are just so awesome to send MARY a present, how could she not love that banner! And that little dress! perfection! xo, suzy

Jen, the dress turned out really cute! And now you've guilted me into doing something with the photos!

Oh...what a great birthday present for it! Thanks for the photo tips too!

Love all your wonderful projects!! I bet ME was thrilled with the banner. I have all my photos sorted by date as well. I works really well. I also have them all loaded to Flickr, and can then put them in some separate folders and add tags which also makes it easier to find things.

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