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June 16, 2010


That is absolutely incredible! As a fellow central California native (and resident) I can tell you there are more yard sales with fabric - I think sometimes we are just buying and selling and passing it around amongst the same women!! I can honestly say, though, THAT collection is astounding :o)

Wow...treasure!!! When I was younger, I sewed and worked part time in a fabric little apartment looked a lot like that! To me, that is inspiration.
♥, Susan

Love that 4 sided tower! It is fabric utopia! I am curious about those white soap dish, foot like things on top of the dresser. What ARE those?

heh heh, that looks just heavenly :)

Well, this is funny! I am also in Ceres (central valley CA) and have a serious fabric addiction as well. Do you think it could be something in the water??

Okay, I need to go fabric shopping! I didn't know a stash could get THAT big! Mine is totally puny by comparison. I love how organized everything is!


I love it!!! I always tell my husband that there are tons of women out there with WAY more fabric than me & he never believes it! HaHa
You said you're in the hot central valley right now. You probably don't want to say publicly but, I'm in Ceres, near Modesto, are you anywhere near??

Yes! we want to know her and LOVE her!!

oh my gosh, that's hilarious!!!

who IS this fabulous person??

LOL!!! Too funny!!

That is terrific! Please tell her to get those beautiful finished quilts out of the closet, though. They need to be displayed in a pretty cabinet or maybe even give some of them away.

LOL That's a serious quilting addiction! It's so impressive how neat and organized it all is, though. I bow to her.

So cute! I love it! A gal can really never have enough fabric!

I absulutely LOVE IT !!!!! My Kind Of House.

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