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May 03, 2010


the story with mary is awesome!! Did you tell her how much i miss her magazine? did you tell her that i've been buying her calendars since i was 12? did you tell her that i wore glasses like her main character, what's her name?

and the camera excuses....well, who do you think you are? me?? I would totally forget or better yet leave my camera in the car.

Super cool report.

WOW... what an amazing event, and love all the things you made, JenDuncan!

No surprise that Mary E would be your blog reader... but does she say JenDuncan as one word too? Like Pam, I would have done as she.

Too much fun - what a fantastic opportunity, so glad you had the chance to go!!

Ummm, Jenn... ME reads your blog all the time!!!!
Has that sunk in yet?!?
Glad you had fun. :)


Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter Breezy, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Let's Get This Party Started!! Hugs, Diane

Fantastic...loved the studio tour and the flower on your bag is perfect! When seriously cold winter comes back tell me again how you want to move...unless of course you like the snow and ice. I am so happy that you had a good time.
♥, Susan

How exciting! I'm envious, too. Thanks so very much for sharing all of your wonderful pictures in the slideshow. That was awesome.
Cherry Chick

OMG. o. m. g.
It looks like a wonderful time. Did you just crap when ME said she read your blog?Because I would have. Glad you had fun JenDuncan! xo

Holy smokes! What a fun trip - I would love to do this, the projects are fantastic!

I love everything you made...the folding tray is crazy cute.

Thanks for showing us, Jenn. I would have fainted. That's better than running into a movie or rock star. :)

OMIGSH. Mary mary mary. How do I love her. The cukkoo clock is amazing. So so incredibly darling. The tray - hay. I just made a pattern for a fabric one of those to be bundled with other projects to come out later this year. And it is very much like that but out of fabric with batting. Jen this just looks like so darn much fun. I can't believe it.

I'm glad that you've gotten back home and in the groove enough to be bloggy! Gladder still that you had a wonderful time!It was a total delight to have met you and so glad that you were able to make some time for us to hang out!

Love all your projects and hearing about your fantastic weekend!!! Total inspiration for sure!!!

Oh man, wish I had been there :->
xo, suzy

I am so green with envy! I can't think of anything I'd like to do more!

What a fabulous trip! You two look like you could be sisters.

Looks like you had a great time! How exciting to meet Mary in person and thank you so much for sharing with us! Love your finished projects, too.

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