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May 22, 2010


Hi there, I just now was reading Mary Engelbreit's blog about a craft class she had set up and you attended. You made a comment that you saw your hand cutting circles from photos of little girls. May I ask where did the photo page come from? That is something I would like to use in my scrapbooking. Could you let me know? thank you very much

Selvage blog alert - your blue quilt is on display and it's FABULOUS!!

LOVE those buttons on that jacket !!!! (and from one shut in chubster to another, I know EXACTLY how you feel shopping for clothes ..... UGH!!!! Who said it could be summer ..... this body is NOT ready for that this year ..... and I'm feeling WAY to lazy to do anything about it! Aren't moo moos back in style yet? )

That's just SO perfect - what a great way to doll up the jacket! I love it :)

Oh, so darn cute!!

I love love love your jacket!!! Great idea. I only wish I would have gotten to see you,jacket or not. :-(

What a great idea. I've seen several things lately in magazines and online that I could sprooce up my summer wardrobe with. Lets see if I actually get to it. I even saw a tutorial on whip up today of how to put fabric over top of flip flops. Gosh I need more time. Love the jacket.

Well, awesome! I bet you were smiling the whole time you worked on it!!! I have been in that exact place except mine was a cruise. I had never been on one and did a last minute shopping frenzy!!!!!!!!!!! What an adrenaline rush.

Whooo I LOVE it!! So fun and interesting. I bet you got tons of compliments on this jacket!!

Isn't that just the way of the world? When you least expect it the best ideas just show up. I love when that happens and your jacket is awesome.

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