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May 20, 2010


Your booth is fantastic. That is what keeps me from shows. That darn entry fee. You just never know if it is worth it.

Booth looks wonderful Jen. I have always wondered about doing those kind of events, thanks for sharing your experience.

It seems as long as were MAKING SOMETHING, thats all thats really important, huh? I;ll bet your applique t-shirts would be popular today, too!

Love that you made a stunt booth in the garage, you are too much! Your booth looks great, reminds me of a trellis booth I built in the '80s for craft fairs, I was making applique kid's t-shirts - my girlfriend and I swore never to touch trellis again :) Good times. Sorry the buyers weren't there, it goes that way sometimes, at least you have ETSY.

Your stuff is JUST TOO GOOD!

loved your booth! we sold enough to pay for the booth but we did a bunch of biz in the store in the weeks after from people who'd been to our booth. I'm at quilt market just now...classes today and the market floor opens tomorrow. Hugs!

My gosh, I can't BELIEVE you didn't sell out of all that cute stuff! Those custom wall paper pictures, oh my!
xo, suzy

Everything looks so cute! Love the wall hanging. So you were at ME. Michelle over at Paper Tales thought she saw you but didn't get a chance to talk to you. Talk to you later! Karin

Your booth is beautiful!

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