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April 04, 2010


Look at YOU, putting together a lovely last-minute wedding! I haven't seen anyone move that fast since my dear mother-in-law, her sister and mother, for MY wedding all those many years ago. In our case, we decided on Tuesday that we would get married on Sunday, and by the way, Mom & Dad, we would like to do it in your back yard. Those sweet people rose to the occasion, and MADE it an occasion, with a lovely brunch (morning wedding) with all the good silver out and everything. And my father-in-law's yard was even more perfectly gorgeous than usual, which was saying a lot.

gorgeous wedding!!!

Such a beautiful bride. My best to the happy couple. Loved the slide show. The day looked absolutely perfect!!!

You know as someone in the bride biz I wholeheartedly encourage/agree/LOVE the idea of weddings such as Kate's! Good ON ya Kate, I send congratulations and hugs to such a level headed and grounded young woman! And she is cute as peach pie!!!!

Such a nice simple ceremony...we should all do that! I love the lace piece on her dress:)

What a sweet couple. She's a doll. Good idea.

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