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April 27, 2010


Wow Jen! I am so glad I checked to see what you've been up to today. Can you imagine what a wonderful place this world would be if everyone else "got it". I get so sad at the hate I see lately. Maybe I need to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and just live "love" too. Your uncle was a lucky man to have understood how important that was. Thanks for sharing your story today.

....a lovely post....

Yes, living in light and love, that's where we all need to be. Have an amazing time at the ME event, I know you will.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Beautiful words from a beautiful woman! Have a wonderful time at ME.
♥, Susan

Wow. Wow. I am someone that needs to hear this. I want to be right all the time. All the time damnit! Seriously I know the way to live is to choose love. I just really really need to work on this. Wow.

You have no idea how much your words meant to me at the service and how much they mean now. I could not have said it better. Thank you so much. And I know how hard it was to get up there and I really appreciate you for doing so.
Love You,

"he just lived in love"...very inspiring and your words so wonderfully spoken. Yes I will join you, and for me this message could not have come at a better time. Thanks so much for your insight and your heartfelt words. (((((hugs)))))

Thank you for writing this post. I lost a good friend on Monday and your post today has helped me with my grief. I always enjoy your blog posts and look forward to the ME adventure.

Jen, I love your post! I'm going to remember your "choose to be love" and pass it on. I could definitely use the memory of this story in many areas of my life. Thanks!! AND....

SEE YOU THERE!!!!! YaHoooo

Thankyou, brought light into MY day! Have a wonderful trip....take lots of photos and let's be sure to get together afterwards so you can share all about ME (Mary Engelbreit!)

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