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April 11, 2010


Talk about raising the bar!!! Wow Jen I love everything I'm seeing so original and so creative..You rock!!!

I love that each item has your signature. I can look at it and know it was made by you. That's cool. Oh, I LOVE the calendar! Did I tell you how much I love the calendar???

Wow. Looks like the opposite of lazy to me. I love every single thing!
The calendars are genius and button flowers always make me smile. :)

The gift tags look amazing!

I hope you have a succesful day at your booth. You have some lovely stuff to sell. I am totally loving the abc bag with the bean bags. Too cute.

Wow Jen, everything looks soooo good. I'm sure you're going to do great. Those quilt tags are adorable!! I wish I lived in your neck of the woods:)

Jen I love everything you have made. Your going to do great!!! I'd love to have one of those perpetual calendars myself. If it doesnt sell I may be interested.

You are so talented! I love everything you have made. Hope to own one of your quilts one of these days. Best of luck at the sale :)

Man I feel like a total slacker.

Slack. Er.

Can't wait to see your booth, it is going to be adorable and I do love the idea of a pure focus for the show. Bet you are the bestest one there!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have such a good eye for wonderful things that people HAVE to have, even if they didn't know it until they saw them!

You are going to make a killing, I predict!

Incredible! I am looking forward to pictures of the show and of your booth :->
xo, suzy

You are going to have the best booth!! Love the nursery pictures and the I just need the grandkids to decorate for.
♥, Susan

Wow, was the first word that came to mind and I see, I was not alone!!!!! "Honestly Awesome" came to mind too. You have been working your fingers to the bone. I pray it pays off !!
Stephanie Coop

Wowwweeeeeeee! I love those bean bag letters. Those would be fantastic for a preschool environment too. Not just for letter identification but games, letter sounds etc. Awesome! Are you offering those in your shop too?

I don't know which I like more... the calendar or the little giftie tags or the fabric ALL looks amazing, Jen.

Can't wait to see it all in person! Again, the macaroons were amazing! I have a huge bag of selvages for you at the store.

Wowsers Jen, you've been busy! It all looks great, your booth is going to be adorable.

Flynn and I went to see Ghost Writer on Friday, loved it! Classic Roman Polanski thriller, great cast. Kinda weird how they dubbed over the F word though, shoulda left it in and gone with an R rating...

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