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March 08, 2010


I love the Carol Eldredge small vases. I would like to know where I could purchase them. My boss had one and I thought I was adorable. She received it as a gift. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Linda

Purely by accident I found this website. I was trying to find a cute bud vase. Love the ones you found a swap meet, flea market etc. Would love to know how to go about getting one (1) I will settle for one and not even be choosy which one. I am very happy for you, also Happy Birthday.......any advice for an old 6a3 year old will be greatly appreciated. :)

Thank-you for reminding me about 'Grey Gardens' - I knew I wanted to order it from Netflix when I saw a clip of it with Drew Barrymore. Didn't know what it was about but her voice & look were intrigue enough. Well, I saw it the other day and was blown away by this excellent film. I immediately ordered the documentary and watched it today...double wow! No wonder Drew & Jessica won awards for their portrayal. I can't stop thinking about Big & Little Edie! What a fascinating life story and yet tragic...but, what's incredible is that they don't seem to see it as so tragic or else that would've motivated them to get out of there. It's as if they were married to each other and neither could or would leave. Both of these ladies have a keen intelligence & yet that is not a tool to figure out this awful decaying situation. Like unusual, exotic birds with clipped wings - I can make all kinds of symbolic connections within this documentary - how little Edie is talking about hanging a bird cage next to a magazine cover called 'around the world' - how ironic. Edie says she just hasn't been able to get to hanging them yet...she has all the time in the world and yet she says she has no idea ever what time it is...time has stood still in the past for them. Incredible! I wish I had known of this documentary when I was talking film classes in college - boy, I would've had a thesis. I totally feel for these women - they don't even seem really bitter or upset how they live, but then again that part of their spirit/mind must've shriveled in order to just keep on going.
(it's also a little scary that I see my own mom a bit in Big Edie...she'd wear a turtle neck wrapped around her boobs and call it a bathing suit, too) lol.

Happy Birthday, Jen - hey that sounds like a great number... it's mine too! Enjoy seeing your finds.

Happy Birthday Jen! Love all your vintage finds, those buttons are amazing!! Enjoy counting down the sleeps til the ME event, how fun :)

Funny stuff. Happy Birthday. I'm afraid of swap meets. I buy way too much. And then the stuff sits. But I love the stuff, so what do I do.

Happy Birthday Jen!!'re still a baby..says the 55 year old. A suggestion about the item that you want to purchase at the flea market...have a trusted friend or relative go to the vendors to buy it. Have them ask what they want for it and then have them offer the 50. They know you want it, so they are playing hard ball.
♥, Susan

Well happy birthday missie! 52 is not old, and that's my mantra for the next decade!
I have the Grey Gardens movie and love it. I'm interested to hear what you think about the original documentary. I've thought about buying it. They certainly were an interesting pair.
Well, I wish that I was going to St. Louis next month, but I'll just have to enjoy hearing all about your trip. xo, suzy

Hi Jen!!! I've missed you...what a great post full of such wonderful goodies. Happy 52 to you....I would take 52 over 58 (ok almost 59)!!! Happy, happy!!! Those buttons are super.

Lovely post... your flea market finds are wonderful! And those bday toppers... who knew such things were available? I certainly didn't!

Hope you had a happy birthday! I have meet Miss Mary a couple times. She is lovely. I hope you have a fantastic time at her workshop. :)

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Jen, happy birthday to you...and many more...

Hey Jen!!! Wishing you a most happy happy birthday!! I saw Grey Gardens with Drew and Jessican and thought they did an amazing job. I am planning to rent the actual documentary from NetFlix one of these days (it is in my queue). Loved the flea market would think they would establish their prices before they got there! The buttons are divine!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

I really loved Grey Gardens as well. I had heard about the original story years ago but never seen the movie. You tube has some footage of the actual little Edie while living in NY. Some of the original footage was crazy right?

Happy birthday! I'm in Mary Ann's club, so 52 sounds young(ish).

The documentaries are even better than the movie--but you'll be amazed how well Drew Barrymore portrayed Little Edie. Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn live in Grey Gardens now and it is gloriously restored. The gardens are fantastic. (It was in Architectural Digest last year--I think that's where I saw it.)

If you have not watched American Pickers on History channel you must, must tune in!

Happy Birthday!!
Oh, and if you'll go here, you can get sucked in for quite a chunk of time in Grey Gardens. The HBO movie just fascinated the heck out of me and when I stumbled on this blog, I became even more intrigued. It's definitely interesting to say the least!
Hope your day was great!

Well look at it this way at least it's the two numbers in the center!
Join the 50 something club. Happy Birthday have a great day! Hugs, Diane

do you netflix? (now netflix is a verb)
Grey Gardens, the documentary is on instant play. I'm going to check it out!

Happy Birthday!!!

Okay, when i saw the pic of the little flower vases I thought, "wow, she has a good eye to find something that looks just like Mary E." Why do they have to be ME? I think it's MORE awesome that they're not. More awesome, is that a phrase??

The buttons are to die for! Arlene

I love this kind of random, stream of consciousness fact if I had a blog mine would be just like this quite often. (And if I pulled out my most recent birthday it would be 6 0...ugh!)

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