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March 28, 2010


I agree with everybody--you should put that quilt aside until you stop hating it, and then give it a splash of red in the sashings with machine stitching, rick-rack, or even bias strips.

I love that second quilt and it's got a load of potential. If you squint your eyes and look at it you can see where it's over-loaded. I'd remove the two blue geometric squares and some of the darker blocks, then you'll see that it will all hang together prettily. I really like the white/cream backgrounds mixed with the linen coloured ones. No need to change the sashings at all.

Happy Easter Jen!!

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Well the boy one may be the cutest, I still like the girl one. I can see how red would have added to it but it certainly has a personality and I like it.

I think those are the cutest "I spy" quilts I've ever seen!!! Have a wonderful time with your craft show...can't wait to see more pictures!

Love the quilts and the videos! I can't believe you can have Sophie off leash, and that she will drop the ball. Beula could never be off leash, and whenever I throw the ball, she grabs it and then never drops it. She just wants me to run around and chase her. I prefer the Sophie way! LOL!

love the idea of the red rick rack! Miss you, haven't seen you in a coons age. I'm yearing for macaroon....there goes my diet. We have a huge bag of selvages for you too.

Try the red sashing, it might surprise you, and guaranteed if you put it in the sale someone will snap it up!

I'm loving Madison's delicate pinky extension for macaroon scarfing, very cute :)

REgarding the "blech" I-Spy quilt - you could run red rick rack down the center of all the white sashing strips, might brighten it up in a fun way.

Does your machine have any fancy stitches? Try running a RED (I think you are right about that) stitch up the white borders. Or if you are really writing it off - take out some fabric markers and have fun! Why not play?

Oh - or you could try a multi color thread for the stitching. It has to be a fairly THICK stitch - like something with leaves that would be filled in.

Or truthfully - use BLACK - that ALWAYS frames things great.

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