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March 03, 2010


Oh my those panels are wonderful. I love them. There is one I've been looking for, too. Not like I don't have enough Japanese fabric. But who can have too much? Lucky you. Fun to see it.

You did an awesome post!! Full of stuff. I can not believe that bunk bed. It was a mess but you made it look like a new piece of furniture.
Love the Joo sheeee earrings. Very cute. The girl has taste at least.
I love seeing the grandkids photos so keep on posting them.
Are you ready for your ME trip?? Your going to have so much fun. The weather here is getting beautiful.

MEGA POST full of yumminess! So when did baby Madison grow up so much. SHE WAS JUST BORN! Time flies!

Stephen... he's a GENIUS. Great clip, especially the ending. HILARIOUS.

Atsuko Matsuyama, "the pink book", her fabric... swoon. I have her book too (thanks to Pam). Do you know Atsuko is the designer of Lecien's "Old New Collection 30's"? Yup, she is. She's also the genius behind the darling purse handles Pam showed on her blog. JenDuncan... I think you should start a fan club!!!

I loved GeorgiaPeachz's comment!!!

I love that Sarah Palin gets the libs all up in arms, the bantering is fun. Also, I cannot believe how big the kiddos have grown particularly time goes by fast! Great post!

I'm pretty intelligent and I LOVE Sarah Palin.

Fabulous job on the bunkbeds! You should submit them to Design*Sponge's Before & After:

Glad to hear we are on the same page re: Sarah Palin!

Well, it has been a while, but you made it well worth the wait!!

welcome back! yeah, that's a "whoa" on the bunkbeds!! Great job!

Wow, what a wonderful transformation job you did on the furniture! I would have taken one look at the "before" and said, "no way!"

I saw that Colbert episode and laughed my ass off. She is just a modern day Anita Bryant. She offends me to no end.
Cute kids! I hope you got a discount on that furniture! It sure did turn out beautifully. xo, suzy

Thanks for the perfect Post, I too think anyone that thinks Sarah Palin is right for politics needs to check their own IQ. Love the grand babies share. Hugs Diane

Was just wondering where you were after seeing a comment you'd left on another post! That Japanese fabric is amazing...$45 is definitely worth the shipping...although...yes, what an expensive deal that is...but found the fabric from the pink book!!!

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