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January 04, 2010


absolutely LOVE the chair!

What lovely creations for 2009! And you're off to a great start for 2010 with the chair cover. I love it! I've been saving my selvages too but haven't tried to make anything yet. Your creativity is certainly inspiring...I like how you think 'outside the box.'

SWEET chair! Now mine wants a make-over! Do you think if I covered it in pink polka-dots my husband would stop stealing it?

Happy New Year JenDuncan! You're always up to something good. I love that chair cover, you're so stinken creative! xo

"Pretty" productive year? Good lord, woman! You do more than ten women!

Neat photo collage!

Your chair cover is truly amazing!

I clicked to "enlarge" and the quilts in the photo are so beautiful! It is fun to look back and see everything that we have accomplished, even if some of them were forgotten.

I also want to make something out of my selvages. Any tips on how to sew them together?

Happy 2010!

I have been saving up my selvedges for just the right project...that chair cover is awesome! So inspiring!

hey cutie,
what a great montage!!
Happy new years!

love your chair cover!! Love that cute bike with basket too!!!

Of course you had a very productive year!! My goodness, all those quilts and all that inbetween the grandchildren. I love your selvedge slipcover, just fab! xo, suzy

It is fun to realize what we did in 2009. I didn't make a montage but I went back through things. Fun. Love the new chair cover. That is sitting with style!

That chair is amazing! Perfect for a sewing room!

You did accomplish a lot of projects. I'm totally digging the bike basket liner...

ideas... ideas... I've got some fabric that will look great with my bike... Hmmmmmmm....

That was productive. And all of it beautiful!
Hope you have a wonderful 2010.

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything, and the chair is to-die-for!!! You are amazing!!

Love the recap...the chair is amazing!!! So much work...and it's wonderful!!!

hi jen
i know this is kind of a dumb question but i keep seeing so much great stuff on blogs made fron selvedges - do you save your own or can you buy them??!!
i'm in the uk by the way

LOVE the chair! Bravo!

Happy New Year to you Jen! You DID have a productive year. All of your quilts were and are absolutely fabulous. Love the chair cover...very clever. I think my favorite project by you so far is the bicycle basket!

Oh, by the way, I thought for sure that you edited Sophie's eyes in the last post. How very sci-fi of her. Too funny!

Enjoy your week!

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