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January 23, 2010


So glad some of your pretties survived Jen, I hate to think what we'd lose in a quake, lots of glass and china unsecured on shelves, but I refuse to play the 'tie everything down' game, or worse still keep them all in cupboards where they can't be seen. Carpe diem!

Hey sweet friend!! It has been so so long since I left you a lil note. 2009 was just nutso for us. We are looking forward to a fresh new way of living, working, breathing this year!

Your kitchen looks incredible my dear!!! Your photo on flickr is one of my all time favorited pics!!! People looove it! I'm actually thinking you have outdone yourself here....might just be even cuter!! :)

I'll be sure to visit wayyy more often!!

Thinking of you and your family!!!
xoxo Jenny

Oh my goodness! I am in the throes of painting my sewing room I'll be off searching for such cuteness for the walls.

Oh I want all that. The whole thing. I want to have it in my house! I searched for them, too. Nope.

Wow. What perfection in cuteness!

Although, I must say that I'm pretty disappointed that's all you did today. On a normal day, you would have painted a few rooms, made a couple of quilts, and designed a few new fripperies for Moda Bake Shop.

What's up?

OMG it is as cute as can be! Maybe it wasn't so bad to have a new start. (Since it was so ugly before. Yeah, right!)

I really need to stop reading your blogs as well as pamkittymorning, latebloomerquilts and happyzombie. You guys are all dangerous in your extreme cuteness!

Gosh that's the cutest. I might have to go to pier 1 now for those cups. Dang it JenDuncan and your cute ways.

I'm so happy you were able to save a few of your treasures. I must say that I'm most pleased to have my little painting among the other fabulousness!! I love that color combo.
Enjoy your week:)

You must be please as punch with tne results. Your dining area looks so inviting, I'll just stay and pour myself another cup of tea :->
xo, suzy

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