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December 30, 2009


Catching up, and decided to start here...going to the bank in pajamas? I used to work with a woman who was quite put out that everyone work blue jeans and tee shirts around here. She would say that where she came from, people dressed before they walked out the door. It took me a long time to get used to my teens wearing their pj bottoms around the house all day, never mind going out in them.
♥, Susan

That does it. I'm never changing out of my pajamas again. And I'm buying sunglasses for the dogs.

You are too funny. That little photo of Madison I think it is with that remote and the computer there. FUNNY!! Welcome to 2010.
Red velvet cake..........delish. You can look at that stuff and put on the poundage.
You have a happy New Years eve and a great New Year Jen!!!!

Happy New Year JenDuncan!

hey sweets,
tee hee
Happpy new years !!

ha ha!
love the lady in the pajamas! crazy!
glad you had a warm and wonderful Christmas!

Thanks for sharing all your great photos and glad you had a lovely holiday!!

Okay, those eyes are super freaky... and I just read another post about how grown men and women seem to think it is acceptable to wear their pj's in public more and more these days. What's up with that???

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