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December 11, 2009


Jen!! Look at you!!! Amazing and you look so pretty!! all my best, Jennifer

You look wonderful Jen! I love the dress, and could totally notice the 20 off! Here's to a year of hard work.

Congrats on the big win Jen. And you look great!! Love that outfit by the way.

Of course it is noticeable! It looks more like 25 lbs to me. You look lovely. good for you. I'm going to try to take some off next year. I'm not a good dieter but I'm trying to think of health and put my health before my appetite. Not easy but it is nice to see others success. The quilt is really lovely. It has a story behind it and much went into it. How wonderful to win it!

Hey! You looked good last year and this year you look smokin' hot!

Congratulations on winning that quilt! Lucky!

Congratulations on the great raffle win AND amazing job keeping off the lbs. I know how hard it is = good for you!!

Congrats on winning the quilt, and looking fabulous!! You look terrific and yes, you can see that you've lost weight. Lovely outfits both years by the way, you clean up good :)

Jen, it was fun helping out and so glad you decided to eat with us at Guild. And I can't tell you how excited I was when YOU won the quilt. Enjoy it a bit now and then tuck it away for Caleb. Hugs, my friend (and everytime I see you I can see the 20 lbs. less of you! You do loo Marvelous!)

[whistling at the pretty outfit]
Congrats on the big win!!! YAY!

What? You look amazing! What you NEED to do is make yourself a SEXY dress next year and be proud of that bod! I think you look great in both photos (and hubby is super handsome) and yes, you can tell you lost weight.

I knew as soon as you started the quilt story that you were going to be the winner.
It's karma for all of the awesome quilts you have given away....and I have NOT won, by the way:)

I'm so happy for you!!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog.


I can tell you lost weight by just looking at your face. Cheeks, etc.

Pretty quilt ya lucky duck.

You. look. MahhhRvelous.
I don't know how to spell the way Mr. Lamas would say it. But you get my drift I hope. So pretty.

Congratulations on winning that beautiful quilt and you can so totally tell you've lost weight - you skinny thing, you!

WOWZA on winning that gorgeous quilt. Love your outfit and the cool up-do. You look amazing. Too funny that you get excited about going out...I have gotten to where I really dislike having to dress up anymore. When I was young I loved it, but now, don't even remember how to wear makeup...not that it would help.

Wow...yay for you for winning that quilt! And I love this years outfit as well! Merry Christmas!

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