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November 06, 2009


I haven't seen a mouse and a cat being friends yet. This photo really makes me smile. Adorable!!!

They are great gifts. My daughter bought Curious George last year for her little brother, very fun w/ the books. Thanks for reminding me.

No Kohl's up here in Yakima, but I always wish we had one when I see their commercials. Such cute little critters in your pics! Perfect gifts!

Kohls is awesome for gifts. They have the most amazing sales. If you buy anything there full price you're crazy, lol. We have bought the charity toys for the kids many times. They almost always come from childrens books. Woo hoo!

I agree, I bought the same get up for my nephew...usually those books are $16.99, and no soft covers available! So Woo Hoo to us!

What an amazing deal, and so cute. I may need to check out the piggy one. Thanks so much for the great tip!!

That's adorable!! One of DS's fave books when he was little was "If you give a pig a pancake" - very cute stories.

We have a Kohls not too far away, they have fabulous sales - you have many happy shopping experiences ahead of you :)

Oh we just read If You Give a Moose a Muffin tonight! I just love this line of books.

I always check these books out at Kohl's and have bought many. They are a steal.

I'm goin' tomorrow now! I need the pig and coordinating book and that Movie book too! :)

That mouse is too cute! Love him posing with the cat.

I bought my daughter the pig and my son the mouse about a month ago...we went on a weekend trip to see my brother and his niece flipped over the mouse so off to Kohls with Auntie (me!) she went...I love those books, I am NOT a stuffed animal person nor do I want my kids to be but I had to get these when I saw them...all to charity too, good for Kohls!

Oh man I LOVE Kohl's! We load up every time they sell books! We have a bunch of Dr. Seuss books and animals, plus Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Too cute!

You know what I was just there last week and I must agree those are just darling gift ideas. Thanks for sharing. By the way I love your darling Packages for your Collage kits in your Shop (:
Hugs, Diane

Well poop! I just bought the book ONLY at costco for $11.99. So not right.

They are a bargain!!!! I bought some of the books while visiting Calif last month. I just saw the books at Costco here in Hawaii (we don't have kohl's) & they are $10.79 each!

Yeah! thank you!
I emailed my mom right away!

I have many young ones to buy for (besides my monsters)...this will work great! Thanks.

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