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November 23, 2009


I didn't realize you lived only 8 minutes from the beach. I don't know if we can be friends.....well, unless we're invited for Christmas then yes, we're the best of friends. ;)

AMEN and AMEN. I swear I am the ONLY one who wraps a present anymore. I abhore "sacks". That is SO not a present to me. I do enjoy a nice white candy box though. Wrapped with ribbon.

Great minds think alike.

Jen, that story is HILARIOUS!!!! I just love little girls. With my frozen toes today, I'm envying you for your nearby beach with matching weather! Happy Christmas crafting!--Cheryl

I can't believe Sophie is 18 months old!!! You were JUST here on your way to pick her up. WOW... time flies. You are SOOO not the bad pet owners. We are 5 miles (as a crow flies) from the beach... and our dogs are 7 and 8 years old... and we've taken them only twice. TWICE.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! xoxom

Heh heh, love the gift bag full o' hankies :) Your morning at the beach looks just perfect!

Hi Jen. Thanks so much for your kind comments. The "cutest jelly roll ever" thing really got me. Especially from you. I am once again humbled. I just love this. Anyway, the tissue paper thing is adorable. I could see my Emilie doing something like that. Thanks so much!


OHMYGAWD!!!!!!!!!! That is the funniest darn thing Jen. Kids are hysterical. I think that's why I'm loving my new job so much. And the cuteness that brought in that wrapped up pkg....ADORABLE!!! Now you know next time just buy a big bag of pink tissue and wad it up...........she'll be happy as she can be. By the way, I cant believe she is 2 already. Our Savannah is right behind her. And Savannah's mommy is due on the 28th of Dec. again.

Mega cuteness!!! And love those pink shoes!!


Yeah, thanks. My ovaries are hurting and I want to go the beach! What beautiful children and the beach looks lovely. I'll just go sew...LOL

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