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November 16, 2009


I checked out the matilda jane site but didn't see where patterns were available. Did you just make it up from the picture??

I already have a scalloped red cake stand. :P

The dresses are darling!! I grabbed one of those cake plates awhile back...knew they wouldn't last long--who could resist those scallops?

She is so cute, and so are the dresses!! Love that cake plate and those scallops! Have to try that cheeseburger..I am back at WW!!

You have that darling plate toooooooo??? My Target was sold out. Pffft!

The burgers looks great. After a recent photo where I looked as wide side on as I do front on maybe I should make my reluctant way back to WW!

your posts are always fun to read . . . love the outfits, so cute and that scalloped pedestal plate - wow, not crazy about portabellos though, not sure why

I saw that same exact cake plate at Target..I hope Santa brings it to me! You know what would look SO pretty and festive on it is a white cake with white frosting and shredded coconut pressed all over the frosting---like a big snowball! And a few holly leaves for a garnish. :) Oh boy, I may not be able to wait for Santa to show up..

Jen, your dresses are Adorable. I love how you mixed and matched all the great fabrics. The fabric you purchased is quite adorable too. Gotta let you know I went to my first quilt show last Sunday. OMG!!! It was amazing. Some much inspiration in all the quilts on display, and so many lovely fabrics to purchase. I only got a few charm packs and some triangles to play with. Still working on my first quilt, so I can't go crazy just yet. I can totally see why you enjoy quilting and sewing so much.

Adorable all around...She looks like a little doll in that dress...I am sure that she is cute in any outfit though.
♥, Susan

Oh, the dresses are adorable! And you scored one of those red cake plates...I heard they were at Target and I'm hoping to find one later this week when I get there! I hear you about Christmas sewing too...that's what I should be doing from here on out!

The little dresses, oh sew cute. You are such a good G-ma. xo, suzy

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