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October 08, 2009


Jen, surely that adorable little doll child NEVER screams?? ROFLMAO, that age is just amazing, all sunshine and storms, nothing inbetween :) Love the outfit, it's wonderful, and sure to prevent strangulation by tattered adults whose nerves have been shredded by screaming and fits.

Sorry! Didn't read that last bit about your upcoming involvement in a wedding this weekend! Please ignore my post for now - I can make the Roman curtains from your 2008 post another week. Blessings on the wedding!

Apologies for unrelated comment, but can't seem to post on original post. *LOVE* your Roman curtain tutorial and plan to make it for my children's bedroom. I have two special needs children, adopted; need inexpensive way to keep room dark at night. Is sunblocking curtain lining (such as JoAnn's "Rain No Stain") thick enough to keep out car lights, if I use light green gingham on the inside? Thanks for tutorial!

I know what you mean about "Did you make that?" but I do think it's probably because it's so custom and special that people ask.

My dogs always look extra cute just when they know I'm about to strangle them, too. Rascals.

I honestly think people ask because A) you can't find cute stuff like that at the store and B) it's so nice they can't believe a "mom" was able to make it at home!

I agree completely. I never know how to take those "compliments." This certainly looks like it is from a boutique to me.

Such a cute outfit and little girl - Oh and I love the mantel display too - so lovely!!

She is adorable! What great advice to dress up a munchkin that isn't behaving as nicely as we'd like them too. As for the questions, they probably knew it was handmade because you can't find anything that special in the stores. Don't flinch! ;-)

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