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October 07, 2009


Ha ha, I was just going to comment that your donated food actually looks GOOD, when I scrolled down and read the conversation between you and John, LOL! That's my pet peeve - I always think you should only donate food you'd really eat yourself, not all the cans of nastiness that just got stuck in the back of the pantry - ick!

Congrats on losing all that weight! (I think I found it ...)

Yay you! Congrats on 20 pounds lost! I've been Lifetime for almost 2 years now. The meetings are the secret weapon, nothing else ever worked for me until I tried WW.

I am a Lifetime WW member, and I too, have to go EVERY week to stay on track. I have been at goal for 7 months (lost 28 lbs). If I don't go to the meetings, I start to drift back into old habits and the weight comes back. Congratulations on your weight loss, and on attaining the self-knowledge of what works for you!

Congrats on all you've lost so far and for sticking to your goal. What a wonderful donation too. I look forward to seeing your outfit with those cool snakeskin shoes. Oh, and I find it hard to believe with your measurements that you would be an 18. Makes no sense to me.

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