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October 05, 2009



Do you read She has really put her blog to bought her a house and pays all of her bills. Good read too.

I too am gonna try to keep the blogging thing up. My problem is that my interests are so split that I have many blogs to maintain. Do you have an iPhone? It has really helped me to be more productive. There is an app for the iPhone called Zenbe Lists which syncs to their web site which allows me to keep a bunch of different lists to work off of. I find that I am a better blogger when I write down my ideas...even if I don't yet have time to write the actual post.

Regarding a photo a day...I find the iPhone helps here too. I always have it on me and can blog directly from it...with a picture or video (via youtube). Blogging really opens up when you can do it from any where!

Are you monetizing your blog yet? That also helps to you blogging daily!

Fabulous accessories! And of course, by now you know that no way are you an 18--not that there's anything wrong with 18.

That is a great shoe, like the black too. You are not an 18, HA. Just thinking about WW yesterday. I've lost 22, but I think it's hanging around the house. Can't wait to see the dress.

Hi - I've been reading your blog for some time now. I don't know how I missed this post but had to comment. To ease your mind a bit... ;-)

I am pretty much exactly the same as you - 5'6", about 150 lbs. And I am positive that someone told me once that patterns run small and that is why you have to get the bigger size - that they don't necessarily coincide with regular sizes. That said, even when I get the right size for my measurements (like you) they are always too big! Ack.

AND, I am CERTAIN that when I went to get my wedding dress they told me wedding/motb/bridesmaid dresses run small. So don't feel bad. Just think of it this way. Size 14, it's the new 8. ;-)

Can't wait to see the one you made to go with those fab accessories!

girlie, size ain't no thang---- it is how you are put together. And of course it depends on the cut. And patterns seem to be bigger than off the rack. Be gentle on yourself.

The shoes ROCK. I have a similar pair that I can't wait to wear. Snakeskin peep toes, ahhhhhhhh. Love the necklace too, very fabulous!

Ok the thing about patterns is they are always bigger than what they start out to be. At least that is what it seems to me in my sewing clothes days. You aren't an 18. Get real. If you look at the measurements on the back of the pattern, they don't really go together. Like women would be a size 8 on top, 10 in the middle and 12 on the bottom. Come on. I hate that about patterns. They aren't really real.

You... an 18? NO. EFFING. WAY. Honestly... I think the clothing manufacturers have fudged the sizes, because after something goes into size 20 - they start charging more per item.

You should be SWIMMING in an 18!

I feel your pain, honey. I went through the wedding thing this summer and the shock of needing a size 18 pattern (on the bottom) a couple of years ago. I don't even have your height to fall back on, not reaching 5'. Now *that* hard to swallow!

You hang in there. It'll all be over before you know it.

I love those shoes, too. And I think Anthropologie has some of those fabric necklaces. Thanks for the Google suggestion

An 18? That's crazy talk. I'm 2 inches taller but normally the same weight as you, and I'm always a 10-12 depending on the brand. Heck, I just had a baby 3 weeks ago so I'm up about 20 lbs and I just bought size 12 and 14 pants today at Target. NO way are you an 18!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace! I have seen those around the internet & etsy but it never occurred to me to google for the instructions. Now I can't wait to make one!

Ooooo, love the necklace and those shoes kick ass! I think the picture idea is a great one. I do that sometimes, just put a little text in the picture. Easy and fun and fun to read. xo, suzy

An 18, how could that be? But at least you have the know how to make it fit beautifully no matter what size... and the accessories, FABULOUS!!!!

Size 18? I'm 5'7" and my goal weight is 152....and I've been there before and I KNOW I wasn't a size 18. That's just crazy. Crazy I tell you......

Oh, I love the shoes and the necklace...and don't worry about the pattern size...they never correlate with store sizes. My skinny daughter's prom dress pattern had to be a size 8...and she's like a size 3 at the store!

A size 18 is crazy! I am also 5'6'' but I weigh 160. I am always a 10 or 12...I just can't believe size 18! Good luck with the sewing, your dress will be much better than anything you could buy! Love the shoes too!

Good grief. I understand your size problems, I can't find pants to fit me. Sometimes I'm a 14, sometimes an 18 is too tight.

Shoes are fantastic! And I love the necklace, I might just have to make one for myself.

Well if those are just the shoes and necklace - can't wait to see the whole outfit - love it so far!

Love the shoes and the necklace!

LOVE those shoes!

Those shoes are FABULOUS! I love them. You are going to look wonderful no matter what - because those are just to die for shoes!

An 18?!? That's ridiculous! Still, I'll keep my curves and wear the larger size. Too many women look like skeletons these days!

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