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October 14, 2009


Hey, Girl. I need to go back and get caught up on all your postings. I've just started blogging again, so dropped by to say hello!

Well, that quilt didn't need help, but I do know that good hired-out quilting makes my stuff look almost like I knew what I was doing!

Totally gorgeous, you do amazing things Jen!

I walk the line between quilting my own stuff (small things) and sending them out. I have an edge to edge quilter that is relatively cheap. My custom lady is pricey but I save that for sample quilts on patterns I want to sell. This is one reason I don't quit my day job. yeah, I don't have enough time to sew. that is the big down side.

this is beautiful. i love that fabric! too bad i don't sew. lol.

Oh this quilt is totally stunning. I love the colors, the alpa, the coolio scalloped edges!! I am so glad you didn't toss it out. Your pal Angie is extremely talented (as are you).

Typepad fixed that and now you can respond directly to commenters. If you receive your comments as individual emails, the new instructions are in the email. It's a little different from the way it was, but it works fine!

I think that quilt turned out fabulous! You really do amazing work!

The finished product is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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