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October 13, 2009


LOVE IT! I'm not sure what happened to Wonderland but you can't find the complete collection. It is probably discontinued. Your quilt is incredible! Definitely looks as good as it cost. :)

Thanks for sharing the info on the costs of the quilt. I'm nibbling around the edges of making a quilt and have hesitated to purchase the designer fabrics . . . obviously with good reason!

That said, I truly love your quilt. I know it will be cherished and keep your friends warm.

Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh Wow! That quilt turned out fabulous! I can't get over how beautiful the quilting is done! I'd say it was worth every penny!

Well I love it. Really really love it. I know it is horrible to add up cost. On Natalie and Justin's wedding quilt I bought vintage fabric, stash and some retail. The back was on sale. The quilting and batting was $210.00 (100x100). So I figure easily it was $325.00+. Ick I hate to think of it. But I loved yours so much.

oh my gosh! This is beautiful! I wish I could sew! You have a beautiful blog! Glad I found it!

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The quilt is a true work of art! If you throw in the "love" that went into the making of it, then it becomes priceless. I know what you mean by the sticker shock. It is pretty much the reason that I stopped sewing just became too expensive. It is worth it though when you are creating a masterpiece.
♥, Susan

How pretty...the quilting is worth every penny, just gorgeous and it compliments all of your piecing.

Wow. That.Is.Gorgeous!

Thank you for the wonderful story of this quilt! I am a Wonderland addict and have some hanging around until the right thing comes up. I love that you added in lots of other lines and they look awesome with your quilt. AND the quilting is definitely the finishing touch on this quilt. Lucky, lucky newlyweds to be!!

That is, I'm amazed at how little people seem to charge--I think that we often don't value our time enough!

It really is wonderful, and what a great quilter! I'm glad you posted all the prices, because I'm sure people who don't buy fabric often are shocked at how much it all adds up to. In fact, I never add up the costs myself, because I like to keep myself in the dark. I love shopping on Etsy, but I get amazed at what people sell handsewn items for--knowing how much the "ingredients" cost.

That was done without a pattern? Incredible!

The quilt is gorgeous and Angie is a genius!

What a beautiful quilt! Those fabrics look great together, and that quilting is fantastic!

Well, I'd say that quilt is priceless because it was a labor of love! So beautiful, the quilting is magnificent. xo, suzy

This is gorgeous - Amazing job and I am sure they will love it - if not something is wrong with them - LOL!! stunning...amazing! I love it! I'm curious as to what other lines you incorporated with the Wonderland...what an amazing gift! Your quilter does absolutely beautiful work!

All I can say is WOW! I am now learning so much about quilting and it is definitely not an inexpensive hobby, but the results are abosolutely stunning. What a beautiful wedding gift, and something they will surely treasure.

Wow! Gorgeous quilt! I'd love to see a picture of the back too, I bet it's just as pretty (especially with all that detailed quilting).

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