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September 15, 2009


How cool that you're going to that workshop!!!! I love the quilt you're making! LOVE. IT. And love you too!

LOL The cats. Priceless!

I love the banners. I wish I'd thought of doing one for my daughter's wedding back in July. Sigh. Too late now.

Meet me in St. Louie!!!! Can't wait to see you.

that cat shot is priceless!

Your cats are a hoot!

Love the banners Jen, I'll be emailing you with a request. As usual you're too hard on yourself about your work, that sock monkey is so cute, I sure couldn't make one!

There is a yahoo group for the Home Companion Workshop---- the link for it will be up on my website on Monday. Can't wait to meet you there, Jen! And everybody else who's coming!
Love the cats!!


I love the banners---beautiful!!

So so cute! Love the monkey and the adorable cuddling cats!

Love reading your blog. The banners are inspiring & the monkey too.

Loved the princess post. Showed my girls --how would it be to be a princess all day? Looks like an amazingly sweet party.

Okay, the cats made me laugh! Your sock monkey just looks like he has been working out...nice big muscles...he looks just fine to me. I love the welcome home banner and I can't wait to hear more about the ME classes.
♥, Susan

You will have a ball at the ME gathering! Be sure to share it with me.

Those dang dogs do that to me all the time. Start looking cute just when I'm about to kill them.

Yay! I'm so excited to get this "welcome home" banner for my husband's return. Thank you SO much for doing this!!! =)

A day in the studio alone...ahhh, hope all was accomplished today!

Those cats look like you posed them. Stunt Cats.

Love the quilt. I'm envious about the ME thing. That stuff is so out of my realm. But I love Charlotte Lyons. Tell her pamkittymorning says hi.

Oh I love everything!!! The sock monkey is the Wonderland quilt...what is that brown polka dot fabric--it's perfect! And the wedding! And to top it all of you get to go the the Mary Engelbreit'll have to blog for sure about that for us!

Your post seems so energetic and I love the pictures of the cats! Priceless!

It's probably sad that I live in St Louis and wont be going to the ME thing, isnt it?

I'll be going to ME also... I'm hoping they will start a yahoo group soon so we can have swaps and things!

Cute kitties!!! Love your adorable sock monkey and the quilt is wonderful too. Lucky you for being able to attend the ME workshops. What a fun fun fun event that will be. I can't wait to see what cool things you will be making!

Haha! The spooning cats just made my day : )

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