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September 12, 2009


So how come no one ever told me a "professional princess" was a career? When I grow up that's what I want to be! This party looks amazing and so much fun! Glad it all came together well. Love you.

What a cute idea. The princess really is lovely. I should tell my one daughter that thinks she is a princess and loves gowns and tiaras that she should hire herself out! Fabulous. Love the idea. Looks like everyone had a ball.

Happy Birthday Princess Kadence!


Fabulous!! That looks like SO much fun, special memories for sure.

Great party, you are the best gramma in the world!!!

I did not know there were professional princesses either. Other than my little girl dog who is a princess with fur.

what a great post that made me smile!!!

I had no idea there were Professional Princesses. It really beats a clown ANY DAY. Looks like a wonderful day Jen and seriously what a fab Grandma you are. xo

what a fun princess party!

What an adorable birthday party. I love the Princess. Everyone looked sooo dang cute. You did a great job on that room.

Your professional princess reminds me of Miss Yvonne, the most beautiful lady in the world, from PeeWee's Playhouse.

I am trying to remember why I like you so much, when everything you do is so awesomely perfect that by all rights I really should hate you (because that's how I am). But I can't help it, I still like you even though you are a princess your OWN self!!

Such a beautiful party! What a lucky little girl! You rock!

Happy birthday to Kadence! What a little sweetie she is. Clearly, already your little princess. The party looks like it was just magical and that is what it is all about.
♥, Susan

What a beautiful party! I didn't even know you could hire a professional princess, what a neat idea! I'm sure she will remember it fondly!

Oh what a lovely party. She'll remember it.

Professional Princess?! I want that job!! What a sweet, sweet party! xo, suzy

Thank you so much for including Sydney today. she was oohing and ahhhing all through dinner. She kept saying, "And she was a REAL princess and she held my hand and the wand she gave me has REAL princess magic!" It was a magical party and from one grandma to another: You done good! Thanks again.

What a beautiful party and it sounds like a great time!!! I bet she will remember this special day for years to come. Love your wonderful photos too!

Looks like the perfect party! I'm sure she will remember it for years to come!

What a really fun and memorable little girl's birthday party. What a great time they must have had together.

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