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August 07, 2009


Jen- it's gorgeous! I can't wait to do something with the fabric now! I love it!

BrendaLou here....what is really wierd is that Liz and I didn't even see the messages when we ordered the fabric...if we'd noticed what the messages said we probably wouldn't have ordered it. I especially love the yellow block centers. You are so creative and I love the way you find not one, but several great solutions.

you're so good at thinking outside the box! i would never ever have thought of that--i agree that the sayings aren't quite my thing but love the colors and design otherwise. genius!

That's a fantastic idea! I've missed you in blogland, hope you are ok and enjoying the end of your summer.

I bought these, but I knew that I would not use them all, because some are too old for my daughter, so this is a great idea!

You're so smart. :)

funny . . . because I thought the same thing, good for you to see a way to overcome that

okay, i don't even know how to respond. who thinks of painting perfectly good fabric?? YOU. Yeah, what do those sayings have to do with bubblegum or sweet colors?? puzzling....very i even know how to spell puzzeling?

That cracked me up. I thought the same thing. I've got to get the panel listed. What a great idea.

You never stop thinking up cool things!!!

That is an awesome idea and I'm totally not offended because I felt the same way. I loved the fabric but not some of the sayings. What a great way to get more of us to buy the panels. I loved the entire collection too!

Jen...I love the way you think! If I can find a panel, I am going to give it a try!

Ohh I used to paint on fabric all the time. I used a fabric medium in my paint, just mixed it in. Can't think of what it was called now. Anyway genius idea Jen as usual.

That's a terrific idea. The fabric is perfect for my 15 year old niece - but not my 2 year old daughter. Now I can use it for them both. Thanks!

What a fun idea!

That is the cutiest fabric. Thanks for the tip about painting the fabric the hide what you don't want.

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