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August 30, 2009


I love the photos Jen. You do look the same. Very cute.

I'd tell you to have a banner week... but you already are! I love all of your banners, Jen.

I know what you mean about fleeting. DS1 just turned 29, and DS2 just graduated high school. WTH? How did that happen... they were just being scolded for the Lego I stepped on (barefoot). I KNEW I shouldn't have blinked!

Love the new banners Jen...especially Claude. Wonderful. I may just have to have you make one for me for craft shows. Hmmmm.

Cute pictures. Madison is getting so big!

Great have been one busy lady.
Great photos too with so many memories tucked in there. I think you morning routine is so sweet with your grandkids.

Those are too cute!!! I love the pom pom detail.

cute. cute. cute. banners. And great post! ooxx`jodi

I love the old pictures and especially the CLAUDE banner!

Holy Boatload of Banners Batman! They're awesome!

Cleaning or that ever really a big decision?? lol

Yes, life is fleeting. I have a 28 year old daughter too. She just came home with a broken heart this weekend and I would do anything to have saved her from that.
The banners are awesome, but I know you love the quilts.

Jen, You are just as pretty now as you were 24 years ago. Very sweet photos. The banners are great! Are you being effected by the fires in LA?
♥, Susan

cool banners, and what wonderful now and then photos!! Isn't it great, some things just never change...

How cute you look and so much the same. xo

I love the banners, too...I really want one but need to decide what I want it to say.....Good luck on the quilt you are going to work on. You always do awesome work!

Love all of those banners! But I hope you get to make some quilts soon!

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