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August 24, 2009


That looks like a gorgeous place, and I'm ROFLMAO at tattoo boy :)

those banners are adorable ! I love the fabric in the third one!

I can't believe how big the grandkids have gotten - even amongst the redwood giants! Love those pics, and love the HB banners too (especially the Flower Sugar - I'll never tire of it either)!

Congrats on kicking your habit! I know when something big happens it's hard to turn it off. When we bought the Happy Hacienda, I never plugged in the tv to my new studio. Last 4+ years I've given my ears to Frosty, Heidi & Frank and Adam Carolla (they postcast now since the station they were on flipped). I warn you, not only are they an addiction... don't let your grandkids hear FHFU.

The banners are adorable and so are the kids...I love this American Life too.
x lori

Lovely banners and what a neat park!
I am sure the grand kids loved it:)

I'm 56 years old and my folks used to take us to that duck pond in the middle of town. What is it about kids and duck ponds? They love it.

Hi Jen, Glad to see some happy stuff from you! Love the smiling kids and the banners and I should have known you'd love David Sedaris, I love him too. And this American Life.

I really loved reading over your last few posts. The kids our so cute and I really think I need a banner. I'm just not sure yet what it should say...


What an amazing park!!!

Hey Jen, I know you wanted out of the wallpaper business, but do you still have some of it lying around that you would be willing to sell? I have an idea for the new house!

Wow! what a forest. They just don't have 'em like that here in Virginia. xo, suzy

So nice of you to help raising those lucky kiddos. they have grow so over the years! Love your INSPIRATIONAL banners too!

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