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August 18, 2009


Oh that first quilt is so dreamy!!! Any little girl would be lucky to sleep under it! way to go!

Uh Jen! Your quilts are absolutely amazing. I can't imagine how patient you must be:)
I love the new banners too...very cute!

Great quilts Jen!!! Those banners......LOVE THEM !

Everything you do is always so darling. Those banners are really striking as are the panel quilts. Just lovely stuff. Machine quilting is not my forte. I do it to save money. Binding doesn't bother me but sometimes hours of quilting on my little machine gets a little old.

Such bright and cheery work!
I always love seeing what you're up to :)

As usual you're so inspiring. xo

well first, "BOY HOWDY" made me laugh, I say that all the time and people look at me as if I were from Mars. Which shall have no further discussion.

Love the quilts, cute as pie. I too tend to overquilt the bejabbers out of my tops. I have one 90% done that I have to get finished and OFF to the mq'er as I am just not going to moan over it any longer.

LOVE the banners, aren't they the cutest??????

Lastly, yes summer is almost over and I am really just flat out pissed off about it. Let us speak of this no more for the moment!

Hi Jen- I was just working on a fall bag for myself, and I came across the squares from the 5x5 square swap you hosted a few years ago. I am just amazed by the friendships and time that passes in this blog world, and you never stop doing amazing, quality work, thank you for sharing!

Oh my gosh! Is that Scottie Dog Quilts Banner the cutest thing???? And I thought you could only do "Happy Birthday" or "Welcome Home." Am I nuts or what? Thanks.

You've been busy with so many wonderful things! Thanks for sharing!

Jen...I love your post! I have that "Celebrate Spring" panel and a bunch of coordinating fabrics...have not made the quilt yet but am looking forward to. I love the banners, too! You always do amazing work! Thanks for inspiring me!

WOW!!! Your work is totally amazing!! I am just starting my first quilt. I am anxious to see how it will come out. Not sure how much I will be doing with it, but thought it would be fun to give it a try. I am always blown away by your talents. Thanks so very much for the inspiration!!

Love your big girl quilt!! It's gorgeous! I'm in awe of your ability to design and play around with it till you get what you like. I wouldn't know where to start!! Maybe one day I might try!!! BEAUTIFUL!

You've been busy. I think both quilts look great and what cute banners! We are always so hard on ourselves and I think the only person who expects perfection from us is ourselves. Others just appreciate the effort. :) I really like that Sandy G. has always been a favorite panel of mine.

Love the "big girl quilt" it is so nice and I really love the bed as well, what a great head and footboard.
The banners are so cute - I really have to get my butt in gear and make a Happy Birthday one.

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