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July 19, 2009


Loved the show n tell. I love antique quilts. Love seeing them and thinking about when and who made them. Thanks for taking the time to photo and blog them. I know it is hard to have a balance and do everything well. Nearly impossible I believe. I do one thing pretty good and then everything slides and then I turn to the next thing. I feel like I end up doing a half assed job at most of it. Sigh. Life is not what I thought it would be at 52. Not that I have serious complaints. Just frustrations.

I love that pink/white one and the one next to it too! xo, suzy

Great share ~ THANKS!

Thank you for sharing...I've been wanting/thinking of making a quilt for years but have been too chicken to start (all that acurate measuring scares me) but some inspiring.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts, Jen!

What beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing.

I hear what you're preaching about having a life or writing one, sister!

But I do enjoy reading about and seeing yours.

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