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July 20, 2009


Your quilts are beautiful...I especially love the selvage one!!!

Gorgeous, stunning quilts!
♥, Susan

I'm so not into arty quilts. I really . . . well I won't go into that. YOur quilt was absolutely my favorite. That and the scrap quilt. Good job! It is really fabulous.

Thanks Jen for the pictoral documentation of the show. I regreat that when I vend a show I really can't take the time I'd like to really examine the quilts closely. You preserved some of them for me! Great to see you today.

Thanks for sharing! I love seeing pictures from quilt shows, wish I could go to all of them!

Thanks, Jen, for sharing all of the beautiful quilts. Many creative people--one especially who created a wonderful alphabet quilt that I love!

I enjoy seeing the art quilts, but they really aren't my thing. I like the traditional styles, with or without a "twist." Both of yours are definitely my style! And that last one is really fabulous--would fit right in at my house. Of course, my house is pretty eclectic, so almost anything could be shoehorned in here.

I just got the Accuquilt Go cutter a few days ago. Haven't cut a quilt with it yet, just played around, but I can tell already I am going to LOVE it, because I really don't like cutting--I like sewing. Actually, I don't know anybody who likes cutting. My local quilt shop owner says some of her customers get their husbands to cut for them--the husbands think it's sort of "engineer-y." I know I would never get my husband to cut quilts for me. He is very helpful about most everything, but sewing? Not so much.

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