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July 10, 2009


I noticed that you have a couple of the crooksville iva-lure flamingo 32 oz pitchers - are you interested in selling one of them? Also may be interested in other pieces please advise

Thank you

Jen that bag is fabulous, and yeah, even if you could possibly make it yourself the question is - would you?? I have learned to do the things I love best, and let others do the things they do best (in order that I can purchase them with very little effort on my part :)

That bag is just awesome!

Droooooooling those Xmas dishes! And the bag - WOWIE!!! ETSY is so amazing!

love love the bag--it's perfect!
I also love the Christmas dishes (all of the dishes for that matter). what finds!

Beautiful overload. Really darling pictures of lovely things. We have very similar taste Jen. But I think we knew that before. That fat pitcher - oh to die for.

WOW...pretty dishes and coolio bag!! I totally get your reasoning. Love the little feet on the bottom of the bag too. So nice for keeping the bottom somewhat off the floor.

Love the dishes Jen. I have my mother in laws china and I've only used it once. There is no women in the family but me and of course none of the guys want it. So there it sits. Love the new dishes you have listed too.
Your new it!!! Very nicely done. And perfect fabs.

Such a wonderful blog. I love those dishes. I have to admit that is my weakness and it's great to see another collector with such a collection.

Hey, and thanks for posting the bag I made for you. I love that vintage pin on it. That kinda just sets it off.

Enjoy it!! and shop again soon. It was really fun to make for you.


It always amazes me what we hold onto and why....I too agree that just because you can sew dosen't mean you can make a bag...there is something about making bags...either you can, or you can't..I sew, I can just make you anything, but not bags...must be something to getting all the stars to line up just right in your mind... Yours is a DARLING BAG, just right for all your things, and love the colors!!

Uber cute bag, love that fabric!! Also love those depression yellow dishes, Princess House sells some that are similar to those and I am totally in love with them. I must have been born in the wrong era lol

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