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July 27, 2009


I love your blog darling, it always---- well it always makes me feel so good about chatting about somehow real things. I am sorry about Suzy, so awful but you know the best thing? How cool she lives in your memory! I mean, isn't that just the balls? Wouldn't we all love to stand for something quite so fab?

Now........ about that bicycle, I need to get my vintage bicyclette painted. With luck mine will look as lovely as your basket adorned one does!

I heart quilts and I heart pictures of Madison.
So sorry about Suzy.
And also sorry to tease you (about Eve). She wasn't reserved when I wrote that post. But when asked to reserve her for a very loyal customer (really my only customer lately) I couldn't say no. :(


Jen---thank you for posting our "Family Memories" quilt. I am hoping to get it hung in our bedroom this week. I'd been waiting till after the Quilt Show. It is such a treasure to of family members no longer with us, pictures taken of Bill & I when we got engaged and married (37 years ago..tomorrow!, our children as babies, tots, children and then our grandchildren. I want a bike like yours too....but maybe a pink or red one. and I'll make a basket like yours too. Hugs to you (and Madison is the cutiest!)

Sorry to hear that sad story. It really is sad. But a neat story, that lady really touched you in such simple ways, and it goes to show us all how just being nice and cheerful daily can really effect others without use knowing to what a great extent.

Darling ending it.

P.S. I forgot that I was going to tell you (again? can't remember) how much I LOVE your bike. It is so YOU.

That little one is a doll herself.

What a sweet story about Suzy. It sounds like she went quickly, which is a good thing. She probably loved life so much that she just kept on going and going until she couldn't any more.

I really like those rose quilts, love seeing what people do with the same "raw" ingredients. And I agree about the family album quilt. I have never seen one I really liked, because of exactly what you said. This one is great! (Yours will be better.)

Your Suzy sounds like she was a real character. Embrace her memory. Your Madison is as cute as can be...her picture made me smile. Brilliant job on the doll clean up. The Family Album quilt is inspiring and beautiful. I loved the picture of the bicycles...very romantic.
♥, Susan

Suzy, she sounds wonderful. So sorry about the sad news.
Madison looks darling and man that doll did clean right up didn't it.

Suzy sounds like my kind of lady. I want to be buried in my heels.

Madison is an absolute DOLL! What a precious baby girl. I have two boys so my mom never gets to do Grandma/Granddaughter stuff. She'll whoop your butt at Transformers, though. ; )

I remember washing my daughter's bear when she was about 6 years old. Oh, she noticed all right...we had to set about scuffing the bear on the floor to make her properly dirty-ish. And the other daughter noticed when I did wash her didn't "smell" right...which was all icky.

Thank you so much for so many pictures from the quilt show. I did not have time to go so this is only slightly almost as good.

WOW. Love all the gorgeous quilts. Love that you can ride around town on your adorable bikes. Love that you have such a sweet shop and great memories, but sorry to hear about Suzy. She sounds like she surely touched many lives. Beautiful dress too. Miss Madison is just as cute as can be and love the great photo. I've enjoyed the previous days quilt show posts too...just not a lot of time to update.

That Family Reunion quilt is really too cool - what a family treasure that will be.

What a sad story about Suzy - she sounds like a dear lady.

Isn't that the worst when dolls or blankies get so dirty and you can't seem to pry it from the little ones fingers, only to have to sneak in the wash. Too cute!

Oh, the story about Suzy is so very sad, reminded me of my father...he survived an annurism only to find he'd had Leukemia for about 10 years...medications for his arthritis and Lyme disease had masked the white cell counts and he only lived about 6 months longer after diagnosis. But I'll end on a happier note too...I love your of these days I'm going to have a bike just like it!

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